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Book Requests
The Tao of Grieving

The Tao of Grieving
Psycho-Spiritual Publications (2007) ISBN 0-9672870-5-8

This is a spiral-bound book of short meditations and photographs designed to help the grieving. The words are by Doug Smith, the photographs by Patrick Dean. The book can be used by individual grievers for their own meditations and healing process. Also, the book can be used by counselors as a tool in a counseling session, using any of the meditations or photographs to elicit constructive dialogue with a client.



Caregiving: Hospice-Proven Techniques for Healing Body and Soul
Macmillan Publishing (1997) ISBN 0-02-861663-4

This book contains a collection of tools and techniques centered around addressing the rights of the terminally ill (the right to be in control, the right to have a sense of purpose, the right to laugh, etc.). The book also has many stories about caring for the terminally ill.

Being a Wounded Healer
Psycho-Spiritual Publications (1999) ISBN 0-9672870-0-6

This book is about the author’s struggles with several wounds in his life (death of his daughter, being a patient in a mental hospital, losing his priesthood, etc.). The book presents a “spiritual model” of care to complement the “medical model.” The medical model seeks to eliminate wounds; the spiritual model seeks to find meaning and value in the midst of wounds.




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